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From one man’s love of adventure and passion for wildlife conservation came the inspiration for HUNTING WORLD. That man is Robert M. Lee: builder, developer, adventurer, explorer, sport hunter, author, designer,conservationist, merchandising and marketing genius. It all began in 1955, when a young Bob Lee made his first trip to Africa. Struck by the awesome beauty and magnificent wildlife that he found there, he decided to return one day to open his own safari organization. 

During his years in Africa, Bob Lee led photographic, scientific and hunting expeditions into 17 countries. During this time, he began to explore parts of Angola where motorized vehicles had never before ventured. To his dismay, he discovered that poachers were decimating the dig game population in these areas. To counteract this, Mr. Lee set up an organization which brought in sport hunters from all over the world. By turning the poachers into guides and game guards, and permitting a limited amount of sport hunting, he introduced wildlife management, a form of conservation, which benefited all concerned: the animals, the local population, and the sport hunters. Bob Lee’s adventures have taken him to some of the most remote and exotic corners of the world. One his most noted adventures led him to the “roof of the world” 19,000 feet above the sea level in the Chinese Pamir Mountains. He went in search of the legendary Marco Polo sheep, a species many believed no longer resided on the Chinese side of the mountain range. However, by 1965, political conditions in his safari base in Angola had deteriorated and it became too dangerous for him to continue his safari business. It was time to come home. After his return to New York, he established “HUNTING WORLD INC” where he turned his considerable talents to designing luggage, leather goods, apparel, watches, and other outdoor sporting specialties for an international clientele who appreciated their classic design, functionality and outstanding quality.

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