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Salvatore Ferragamo was a novice Italian shoe designer who began his career as an apprentice to a shoemaker. With a vision to create and produce the world’s most beautiful shoes, he began his journey to fame by opening a humble repair and made-to-measure shoe shop first in Bonito, Italy and later Santa Barbara. The first major step that helped him propel towards becoming a renowned souter was opening the Hollywood Boot Shop in Boulevard las Palmas, in 1923. The socialites of that era were regulars at his shop.

After honing his skills for thirteen years in the United States, Salvatore returned to his homeland in 1927. This year saw the creation of the Salvatore Ferragamo company based out of Florence, Italy focused on the study, creation of women’s footwear. It was during this period that the first advertisement campaign and brand logo was created by the futuristic artist Lucio Venna. The next big step for the brand was in 1938 when the first directly-operated store (DOS) was inaugurated in Rome and Florence and then in London.

In 1948, he opened the first Ferragamo store in New York. Salvatore soon designed his very first bag in 1949. The Salvatore Ferragamo women bags are viewed as a symbol of status among the haut monde today. Ferragamo scarves emerged in the year 1955. The Florentine painters designed the first set of silk scarves for the brand. The popular Gancino accessory first appeared in a bag created by Ferragamo in 1958. This ‘hook’ has become an identity of the brand today.

Salvatore Ferragamo today, has formed an enviable luxury goods empire.

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