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Miu Miu

Miu Miu is a brand from the Prada Group. Introduced by Miuccia Prada in 1992, Miu Miu was inspired by Miuccia’s personal wardrobe and named after her family nickname.

With an independent identity from Prada, the brand has grown into one of the leading high fashion labels in the world. The store has boutiques world wide including China, the US and Europe and has international spokesmodels and actresses in Katie Holmes, Ginta Lapina, Zhous Xun, Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten Dunst and Hailee Steinfeld.

The brand has separated itself from Prada by moving Miu Miu’s headquarters away from Prada’s in Milan. Unlike them, Miu Miu has staged fashion shows worldwide in Milan, New York, London and finally settling in Paris in 2006. Since then Miu Miu has taken inspiration from the city’s magnificent sets, using them as a background to the labels experimentation.

Miu Miu is the most unrestrained portrayal of Miuccia Prada’s creativity. Intentionally far from traditional aesthetic imagery, the brand conveys the essence of an emancipated and conscious woman. Miu Miu’s strength fluctuates between naïf spirit and iridescent subversion and it illustrates the most rebellious and seductive core of contemporary femininity. 

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