Louis Vuitton Upside Down Pop Store Limited Items!

Hello :)

Recently arrival items, Louis Vuitton's upside-down line! 

They were shown at the pop store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Item information → https://brandshop-reference-jp.com/collections/louis-vuitton/products/153116-16275-3?ls=en

Item information → https://brandshop-reference-jp.com/collections/louis-vuitton/products/153115-16275-5?ls=en


Item information → https://brandshop-reference-jp.com/collections/louis-vuitton/products/153524-16275-1?ls=en


2018 FW Mens collection. The point is red UPSIDE DOWN LV LOGO ☆ on the classical navy monogram leather. 

It's elegant and stylish. It perfect for the stylish style of grown men ♪

These items at our store are all NS rank and in excellent condition :)

Please check out!