Japanese Moistureizing Facial Masks

Hello! We've started to sell skincare items ☆

Japanese facial mask is one of the most selling items among foreigner tourists.  There are many kinds of masks, and they are convenient, affordable, and some masks are packaging is very cute ♪

Today we introduce the facial masks among them. 

Kracie Hadabisei 3D Moisturizing Facial Masks 30mL 1 Pack 4 Sheets

The line has three types. They are for ageing care, whitening care, moist care. It is with the 3D structure covering a wider surface area of your skin compared to normal masks out there, which is more fit your face. 

LuLuLun Facial Mask 1 Pack 7 Sheets for Daily Skincare 

LuLuLun Precious Facial Mask 1 Pack 7 Sheets for Daily Skincare

LuluLun facial mask is the most recognisable face masks in Japan. The thick mask contains high-quality beauty ingredients, which moisturizes your skin and help to keep the great skin balance.

You can use it as your daily skin care. Usually, the face mask is used as special skin care like once a week, but the LuLuLun is you can use it every day instead of a lotion. Make your face keep moisturizing!

The face mask is popular not only by women but also men too!

We will keep the skin care items in our stock \(^^)/ If you cannot come to travel in Japan, we can ship these face masks with free shipping!