"Crypto-currency" LTC What is litecoin?

"Crypto-currency" LTC What is litecoin?


Today, we introduce the crypto-currency, litecoin

The litecoin is a subsidiary to the bitcoin which has grown in popularity and currently more in demand. Its characteristic is similar to the bitcoin. However, the difference between the bitcoin and the litecoin is the transaction speed. 

The bitcoin takes approximately 10 minutes to complete a transaction. On the other hand, the litecoin takes only approximately 2.5 minutes! So if you prefer speedy transactions, the litecoin is the best for you x)

There are only a limited number of shops that approve litecoins for transactions, our site Brand shop Reference is one of them! It is rare for pre-owned brand shops.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to shop using crypto-currencies  ^^!!

★We can accept other payment methods as well.

★We have a storefront in Kobe, Japan. If your travels bring you to Kobe, we look forward to your visit to our shop ^^!