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CHROME HEARTS Double Zip Up Long Parker Chrome Hearts × Bella Hadid Collaboration 2017 Men's Parker

¥388,800 JPY

Product information

Item Number 148016-13646-1
brand Chrome Hearts
type Double zip up long parka
model Chrome Hearts × Bella Hadid Collaboration
line 2017
Object mens
Color black
Quality indication cotton 100%
size Notation size: S

Shoulder width: 50 cm
Length of clothes: 93 cm
Width of a garment: 53 cm
Sleeve length: 69 cm
accessories None
comment Domestic not yet arrived! It is a rare rare item that is only introduced at the reception of Paris and London only worldwide and only available there. There are fluffs and pill balls on the dirt and hem at the state. It is used for exhibition and shooting, etc. Although there is a feeling of use, it is second hand goods of our company S rank.

Item state

Rank S rank as good as new
Outside Light dirt
Metal fittings part Small scratch, dullness

japanese cuiture