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【Remo Store】Connect with us !!

Publicado en junio 22 2020

【Remo Store】Connect with us !!


Come and visit our newly opened Reference Virtual Store!

Using online video calls anyone can join events, inquire about our items and also get an assessment for items you are hoping to sell.

Please feel free to use our open space which is free for use up to 24 hours for everyone.



Sign up or login using a google account to "sit" at our booth or view our store.

Our staff will commnunicate with you though video chat at our assessment booth.

A max of 6 members are able to sit at a table for a conference video or voice call.

We also have a chat option for anyone who prefers this option to contact or call on our staff members.

Feel free to use it to chat with us or as a chatting space with friends or colleagues.

Click the URL below for further details:



Contact us here when you have a question or concern regarding an item at our store.

One of our staff members will answer questions using the option your prefer; chat, voice call or video call.

By clicking the logo at the top left corner of the screen it will take you to our online shop

This space is free for use both for visitors, customers and staff members.
Can be used as chatting, meeting or just idle space.