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Jimmy Choo Military Straight Chip Dress Shoes Business Shoes Leather Men's



Product information

Item Number S-210803-43
brand Jimmy
type Dress shoes
model Straight chip
line military
shape Business shoes punching camouflage strap
subject mens
Call Gmi
Color Black × Green
material leather
size Notation Size: 43
US shoe size: -
JP Shoes Size: 28 cm
Now width: 11.1 cm
Heel high: 2.4 cm
It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories Save box, save bag Save There are places that are broken.
Description of item Elegant Dress Silhouette Military Pattern Item ◎ Jimmy Choo is too cool business shoes.

Product state

Rank Used SA rank
outside Dirt
Corner or edge Dirt
Inside Small scratching, rubbing
Bracket Small scratch
State comment There is a sticky connection with the wearing edge.

japanese cuiture