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CHANEL Coco Mark CC Hair Closure Hair Access 04C Valletta Plastic Women



Product information

Item Number S-210720-5
brand Chanel
model Hair Cloud Hair Access
line Cocomark CC
shape Valletta
subject Women
Color pink
material plastic
Seasonal season 04C
size W2 cm
Total length: 10.7 cm
accessories none
Description of item Varetta characterized by keeping the hair and side hair or the Balletta will be accented diagonally, and a wide range of usage can be used. Summary Change to colorful hair arrangement when attached to knot parts such as hair and half-up♪There is no doubt that you will be active in Multi with a pretty design♪

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt
Bracket Small scratch, peeling, dullness

japanese cuiture