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GAGA MILANO 6023 Manuare 35 Quartz Watch GP Women



Product information

Item Number S-210720-19
brand Gagamirano
type Quartz
model Manuare 35
shape Women watch
Model number 6023
subject Women
Colored color black
Color gold
material GP / Leather belt
size Case: 35mm
Rug width: 16mm
Case thickness: 7 mm
specification Movement: Quartz
Display type: Analog display
Day difference
accessories Save box, case, guarantee
Description of item One rich style with a metal color case that emits a metal color that emits a luxiring brilliance with a cover-push leather belt. I am finished in a unique index. It is a fashionable item that decorates hand.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
Handle-Strap Wrinkle

japanese cuiture