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Louis Vuitton M70899 Monogram Ehalps Logocomania Rainbow Muffler Wool Women



Product information

Item Number S-210707-14
brand Louis Vuitton
model Etshalps Mania Rainbow
line Monogram
shape Scarf
Model number M70899
subject Women
Color Navy × Multicolor
material wool
Quality display Wool 81% / Silk 19%
size 32cm x 178 cm

It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories Save box
Description of item It is a muffler of popular Louis Vuitton. The color with impact is also ◎

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Dirt
shape Ceased
Notices Surface-fluttered, inner haired, quality display tag available, brand display tag
State comment Overall hair balls and fuzzing.

japanese cuiture