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Chanel Coco Mark Vintage Logo Plate Charm Circle Type Key Holder GP Women



Product information

Item Number MO-210703-6
brand Chanel
type Charm circle type
model Logo plate
line Cocomark vintage
shape Key holder key ring
subject Women
Color gold
material Gp
size W3.8 cm x H12 cm

Height is full length.
accessories none
Description of item Speaking of Chanel that attracts women around the world, double c cocomark logo. Because the coco mark is largely designed, it is characterized by a sense of presence at a glance. If you put it on the key or bag, it will be elegant at once, and the flossing degree is improved♪It is a design that is unbearable to Chanel.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
Bracket Small scratch, dirt, rusting, peeling

japanese cuiture