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CHANEL CC Coco Mark Logo Square Pattern Gamaguchi Handbag Canvas Women



Product information

Item Number MO-210703-1
brand Chanel
type Palm
model Square pattern
line CC Coco Mark Logo
shape Handbag
subject Women
Color Blue x Red
material canvas
Serial number 6413***
size W28.5cm x H19CM X D5CM
specification Opening and closing ceremony:
Inside: Open pocket x 1, zipper pocket x 1
accessories Save box, save bag, guarantee, serial seal ※ It may be broken
Description of item Retro design and atmosphere popularity bags are not only cute, but it can be easily opened and closed with a solid storage power, so it is easy to use and popular items. You can produce retro cuteness simply by adding us to the usual Corde♪

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Dirt
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Dynasty, stain
Bracket Small scratch, thin dirt
smell There is a smell (not strong)
State comment ※ It is a design that is sewed by crossing hands.

japanese cuiture