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BOTTEGA VENETA 114074V00132805 Intrechart Long Wallet Leather Women



Product information

Item Number M-210810-7
brand Bottega Veneta
model Intesture
shape Two-fold long wallet
Model number 114074V00132805
subject Women
Color Brown
material leather
size W16.5cm x H10 CMX D2CM
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: Fastener Open Close Coin Pinch x 1, Open Pocket x 2, Free Pocket x 1, Card Pocket x 8, Wallet x 1
accessories none
Description of item Bottega Veneta [Bottega Veneta] Trade Mark "Intrechart" is a wallet. The design that produces the height of the case quietly feltes adult dignity and beauty.

Product state

Rank Used B rank
outside Dietary, rubbing
Corner or edge Cracked in Koba
Inside Rubbing, dirt, wrinkled, with solid
Bracket Filter, dullness
State comment There is a break in a fast nape.

japanese cuiture