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BOTTEGA VENETA 150509 Flap Intrechart Long Wallet Leather Women



Product information

Item Number M-210810-6
brand Bottega Veneta
model Intesture
line flap
shape Two-fold long wallet
Model number 150509
subject Women
Color black
material leather
size W18.5cm x H9.5cm
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: Fastener Opening Cinqueric X 1, Open Pocket x 1, Card Pocket x 8
accessories storage bags
Description of item Bottega Veneta [Bottega Veneta] Trade Mark "Intrechart" long wallet. The design that produces the height of the case quietly feltes adult dignity and beauty.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Thin, rub, faded
shape Mold
Corner or edge Rubber cracking
Inside Small scratches, rubbing, dirty, faded, peeled off
Bracket Dietary, dullness

japanese cuiture