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Christian Louboutin 1130433 lame glitter high heel pink Heels Pumps glitter canvas



Commodity information

Item number M-210810-25
Brand Christian Louboutin
Type High heel Pinky
Model Lame glitter
Shape Heal pumps
Model number 1130433
Subject Ladies
Color Color: Silver / red
Material Glitter canvas
Size Notation size
Girls shoes size: 6
JP shoe size: 23.5 cm
Width: 7 cm
Heel height
There may be some errors in the actual size.
Accessories Preservation box top lift × 2
Commodity explanation Christian Louboutin "Christian Louboutin" made in Japan. It is a gorgeous item that seems to be able to nail the gaze of the party scene.

Commodity condition

Rank A ranking
Outside Thin dirt, wrinkle, color shift, bond stain
Shape Dent
Inside Dirt and color transfer
Comment status There are some lame dirt inside and heel to heel.

japanese cuiture