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STELLA MCCARTNEY Chagy Deer Chain Large Tote Bag Faux Leather Women



Product information

Item Number M-210810-22
brand Stella McCartney
model Chain lage
line Shagadia
shape Handbag tote bag
subject Women
Color Mint green system
material Fake leather
size W33CM x H40.5cm x D10.5cm
specification Outside: zipper pocket x 1
Inside: zipper pocket x 1 open pocket x 1
accessories storage bags
Description of item It is a large-sized tote bag. Recommended storage power for days with many luggage and picnic scenes. A refreshing light green feels mood.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Thin, rub, stain
Handle-Strap Dietary, rubbing, cessed
Inside Recessed, dirty
Bracket Small scratch
smell Old smell

japanese cuiture