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TOD'S Braving Platte Bracelet 50 Accessories-Bangle Plastic Men



Product information

Item Number M-210723-24
brand Toy
type accessory-
model Platte bracelet 50
line Braid
shape Bangle
For reference 3330 yen
subject mens
Color Blue x white
material Plastic / leather
size Total length: 15 cm
Arms around: 17.5 cm
Band width: 48mm
Notation Size: M

The total length is the inner diameter length. The actual size may have some errors.
accessories Save box, save bag ※ It is dirty in the box
Description of item It is a bangle with a sense of presence of Tods, which was centrally attached to fashionable leather♪Refreshing blue and white colors give accent and spice to coordinate. Since it is thick, it will be an accent of a single item, and you can create a fashionable atmosphere.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, rubbing
Inside Small scratch, thin dirt

japanese cuiture