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CHANEL CC Cocomark Logo Garine Long Wallet Two-folded wallet 2-fold wallet Caviarskin Women



Product information

Item Number M-210723-17
brand Chanel
type Bifold Long Wallet
model Garail long wallet
line CC Coco Mark Logo
subject Women
Color black
material Caviar skin
Serial number 9688***
size W17.5cm x H10.5 cm
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: Card Pocket x 6, Gamaguchi Cinqueric X 1, Free Pocket x 2, Wallet X 1
accessories none
Description of item One of the representative materials of Chanel. It is characterized by the texture with a sense of solid feeling, and it is difficult to be noticeable with fine unevenness unique to caviar skin, even with scratching. There is a sense of chic and luxury and can be used in formal scenes.

Product state

Rank Used B rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, wrinkles
shape Mold
Corner or edge Release in rubbing and corner edge
Inside Small scratches, rubbing, dirty, wrinkles, thread flyer, break, logo (letters) disappear
Bracket Small scratch, fading, dullness

japanese cuiture