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Chanel Cambon Line CC Cocomark Logo Flap 2 Structured Wallet Calafskin Women



Product information

Item Number M-210723-16
brand Chanel
type flap
model CC Coco Mark Logo
line Cambon line
shape Two-fold wallet
subject Women
Color Brown × Orange
material Calfskin
Serial number 1019****
size W15 cm x H10 cm
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: Card Pocket x 3, Fastener Pocket x 1, Open Pocket x 2, Free Pocket x 2
accessories Serial seal
Description of item A bold design combined with a large coco mark and quilted leather matrasse that can be seen at a glance even if it looks at. The inside is a vivid orange, and the contrast with the appearance of Brown is attractive♪It is a sense of size that is easy to carry with a moderate size.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, rubbing, wrinkles
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Small scratch, thin dirt

japanese cuiture