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Hermes H003573S 08 Calore 90 Space Derby Space Derby Space Bar Car Moon Scarf Silk Women



Product information

Item Number M-210723-13
brand Hermes
type Space horse star
model Space Derby Space Derby
line 90
shape scarf
Model number H003573S 08
subject Women
Call Blue Ciel × Rose × Ver
Color Blue × pink system
material silk
size 90cm x 90cm

The actual size may have some errors.
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Description of item The truck jumped out of the space and drew the truck that shines the light of the mysterious planet and stardust with the whole speed, depicting the horse racing of the horse racing. One of the fine suites of the suites that the horse wears from the curve forming a two horse standing car is flexible and colorful atmosphere.

Product state

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State comment It is unused item, but there may be minor damage to the exhibition and storage.

japanese cuiture