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Louis Vuitton MP2883 Monogram Etshalp Lv × Nba Basket Court Stall Fringe Muffler Wool / Cashmere Men



Product information

Item Number L-210624-13
brand Louis Vuitton
type Stall fringe
model Lv × Nba Basket Court
line Monogram Ehalp
shape Muffler fashion accessories apparel
Model number MP2883
subject mens
Color gray
material Wool / Cashmere
Serial number AB1220
size 180cm x 40cm

Catalog value.
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Description of item A "LVXNBA Echulp Basket Court", which is a chilly day, tailbled with a luxury wool and a blend of cashmere. A comfortable stall that you have gained from athletes played at the coat is an item that appeared as one of Louis Viton and NBA's capsule collection.

Product state

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State comment It is unused item, but there may be minor damage to the exhibition and storage.

japanese cuiture