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S. T. Dupont 18574 Gatsby Gatts Bee Black Lacquer Smoking Railer Brass Men



Product information

Item Number K-210811-5
brand Es Te Du Pont
type Smoking instrument
model Black lacquer
line GATSBY Gatsby
shape Gas light
Model number 18574
subject mens
Color Gold × Black
material Brass
size W3.6 cm x H5.5cm x D1 cm
accessories none
Description of item A nice cool and cool lighter with black and gold combinations. There is a sense of luxury, but a compact size feeling, simple and minimal design, sculpture that works of craftsmans lives is a reason to loved by adults. There is a moderate weight, and the sense of size that fits in the palm is very easy to use.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt
Inside Small scratch, dirt
Bracket Dullness
Remarks Sparks are scattered, but it is currently sold for ignition unconfirmed

japanese cuiture