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Cartier Vintage Mast Tank Vermeille Watch SV925 Women



Product information

Item Number K-210714-9
brand Cartier
model Mast tank Vermeille
line vintage
shape Women watch
subject Women
Colored color white
Color Gold / Black Belt
material SV925 / Leather belt
size Case: 22mm x 29mm
Rug width: 17mm
Case thickness: 5mm
specification Movement: Quartz
Display type: Analog display
Case type: Lectanger face
Day difference
accessories none
Description of item Cartier 【Cartier】 Founder, Louis Cartier is a model that gave inspiration from the tank's trap at the first war, "Mast tank". Adult vulgar vintage watch will downgrade the style.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
Inside Dirt
Bracket Small scratch, peeling, fading, dullness
Notices Belt Outfiter, Tailed Companies Output

japanese cuiture