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Dior Old Trotter Vintage Diagonal Shoulder Bag Leather / Canvas Women



Product information

Item Number G-210810-33
brand Dior
type Oblique hook
model vintage
line Old Trotter
shape Shoulder bag accordion bag
subject Women
Color beige
material Leather / Canvas
size W24CM X H21.5cm x D9.5cm
Shoulder Longest: 128.5cm

The shoulder part can be adjusted.
specification Opening and closing type: Magnet type
Inside: Open pocket x 1, zipper pocket x 1
accessories none
Description of item Dior [Dior] It is a toroter shoulder bag with a full opener. The DIOR logo produces more chic quality.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
Handle-Strap Wrinkle
Corner or edge Dirty, rubbing
Inside Shiri, crack
Bracket Small scratch, peeling, fading
State comment There is a crack on the root of the flap.

japanese cuiture