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Burberry Blue Label Nova Check Handbag Leather / Canvas Women



Product information

Item Number G-210725-4
brand Burberry
model Nova Takek
line Blue label
shape Handbag
subject Women
Color Beige system
material Leather / Canvas
size W23.5 cm x H15cm x D9.5cm
Handle: 54.5cm

The width and depth are the bottom, and the height is measuring the central part.
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Inside: Open pocket x 1
accessories none
Description of item It is a cute and elegant Burberry handbag. Classic Atmosphere Coloring ◎ ◎ Barberry checks that have been loved as long as they have always been loved by the Barberry check are items that can be active in daily scenes without choosing clothes.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Dirt
Corner or edge Dirty, rubbing
Inside Dirt
Bracket Small scratches, dullness

japanese cuiture