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Salvatore Ferragamo Women's Men's Gantini Key Ring Key Case Leather Women



Product information

Item Number G-210725-20
brand Salvatore feragamo
type Key ring
model Gancini
line Women's Men's
shape 6 series key case small items small leather
subject Women
Color Brown
material leather
size W6CM X H9.7CMX D2CM
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: hook x 6
accessories Save box
Description of item Gantini is a fellagamo key case with a total pattern. Classic atmosphere and elegant items ◎ It is a recommended product to be pleased with the present.

Product state

Rank Like new S rank
Inside Small scratch
State comment There may be fine damage from the exhibition and long-term storage. It is a beautiful condition similar to new.

japanese cuiture