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Louis Vuitton N62615 Epiportofuille Victory Uncontact Wallet 2018 3-fold wallet Epireser Women



Product information

Item Number G-210725-19
brand Louis Vuitton
type Compact wallet
model Portofuille Victory
line Epi
shape Three-fold wallet short wallet accessories
Model number N62615
subject Women
Color pink
material Epireazer
Serial number SP0168
Seasonal season 2018
size W12CM X H9.3CMX D2.5CM
specification Opening and closing expression: Snap button
Inside: Card Pocket X 7, Wallet X 1, Fastener Opening Cinquet OPX 1
accessories Save box, storage bag
Description of item Cute Cute Item ◎◎ A new design wallet with a pretty little bird motif that represents a brand. It is also attractive to have a functional beauty that can store a long-standing ticket, such as a compact.

Product state

Rank Unused NS Rank
outside Dirt
Inside Dirt
State comment It is unused item, but there may be minor damage to the exhibition and storage.

japanese cuiture