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HERMES Burkin 40 Handbag Triichlemance Unisex



Product information

Item Number G-210710-5
brand Hermes
model Burkin 40
shape Handbag
subject unisex
Color Black X silver bracket
material Taurillon Clemence
Stamp □ I imprint
size W40CM X H32CM X D20CM
Handle: 46 cm
specification Opening and closing expression: Turn lock
Inside: zipper pocket x 1 open pocket x 1
accessories Save bag, key × 2, cadena, crochet, rain cover
Description of item Burkin originally manufactured in Hermes is said to be this 40. Burkin sold in Japan seems to have the largest size. The outstanding storage capacity is definitely a large-purpose size that is definitely the number of luggage mother needs. It is an item that lets you feel an elegant atmosphere.

Product state

Rank Used B rank
outside Dirt
shape Mold
Handle-Strap Realness, peeling
Corner or edge Release in rubbing and corner edge
Inside Giz, rubbing, dirt, wrinkles, stain, peeling
Bracket Kiz, fading, discoloration

japanese cuiture