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Hermes Creez Elastic Caleche Elastique Cale 90 Scarf Silk Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-61
brand Hermes
type 90
model Caleche Elastique
line Creez elastic
shape Silk scarf apparel fashionable
Object Women
Color Orange × pink
Material silk
size 90cm x 90cm

The actual size may have some errors.
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Description of item A highly artistic design that overturns the image of the scarf from the underlying, Hermes [Hermes] '' 'Cale 90' ​​'. Please add a scarf that is suitable for women who are fashionable and finished with the quality of fashion to one of your word robe items.

Product state

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State comment It is unused item, but there may be minor damage to the exhibition and storage.

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