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CHANEL CC Coco Mark Pochette Chain Bag Shoulder Bag Ramskin Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-59
brand Chanel
type Chain bag
model Pochette
line CC Cocomark
shape Shoulder bag chopstitch porch
Object Women
Color Black X Gold Bracket
Material lambskin
Serial number 0509***
size W24.3 cm x H15 cm x D 4.5 cm
Longest to Shoulder, 87cm
specification Opening and closing expression: Turn lock
Inside: zipper pocket x 1
accessories There is dirt and peeling on the guarantee guarantee card.
Description of item It is a shoulder bag that adopts Ramskin who draws the charm of the Chanel with elegant glazed and thin shaped embossing, and is a shoulder bag that has a lovely rounded form for iconic comicumark.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Small scratching, rubbing, wrinkles
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Thin, wrinkles
Bracket Small scratch
smell Old smell, mold
Notices Outside repaired
State comment Leveling (without silver seal)

japanese cuiture