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CHANEL A01115 CC Cocomark Mini Matrasse 17 Chain Shoulder Shoulder Bag Ramskin Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-58
brand Chanel
type Chain shoulder
model Mini Matrasse 17
line CC Cocomark
shape Shoulder bag bag Pochette Pouch
Model number A01115
Object Women
Color Black X Gold Bracket
Material lambskin
Serial number 0615***
size W17.2 cm x H13 cm x D6.5cm
Shoulder Longest: 110.5 cm

Height includes flaps.
specification Opening and closing expression: Turn lock
Outside: Open pocket x 1
Inside: Open pocket x 1, zipper pocket x 1
accessories Save box, save bag, guarantee, serial seal guarantee card single-sided, and powder is out.
Description of item It is a very rare size, and the charm of the Chanel with elegant luminous and slight type pushing is a lambskin ◎ A shoulder bag that is pretty square form is an impressive square form.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Small scratch, wrinkles
Handle-Strap Dietary, rubbing, thread
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Small scratch, rubbing, tear, peeling
State comment The inner open pocket is peeled off, and the chain shoulder part has a leather feeling due to the thread.

japanese cuiture