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Chanel A26710 Cambon Line Organizer Round Fastener Long Wallet Curf Leather Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-56
brand Chanel
type Round fastener
model organizer
line Cambon line
shape Long wallet accessories CC cocumark chain
Model number A26710
Object Women
Color Black × pink
Material Calf leather
Serial number 1436****
size W12.5cm x H20.5cmx D1.8cm
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Inside: Open Pocket x 2, Card Pocket x 8, Wallet X 2, Fastener Opening Cinqueric X 1, Penholder x 1
accessories Save Box, Saving Bag, Guarantee, Serial Seal
Description of item It is difficult to obtain because it is very popular. It is a popular series of quilting stitching × CC marks. The CC logo is also embossed in the inner pink. Above all, the pocket is also fulfilling with pink color, and if the content of the wallet tends to increase, it can be cleaned up.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, wrinkles
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Dirt
Bracket Small scratch
Zipper part Fuzz

japanese cuiture