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CHANEL CC Cocomark Matrass Single Chain Shoulder Bag Lambskin Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-47
Type Single chain
Model Matrasse
line CC Cocomark
Shape Shoulder Bag
Target Women
Color Black X Gold Bracket
Material lambskin
Size W24CM X H16CM X D5.5cm
Longest to Shoulder, 87cm
Specification Opening and closing expression: Turn lock
Inside: zipper pocket x 1
Accessories none
Description of item --

Product Condition

Rank Used AB rank
Outside Small scratching, rubbing, wrinkles
Shape Creases
Handle-Strap Stains
Corner or edge Really rubbing, fraying
Inside Small scratches, rubbing, thin dirt, logo (letters) disappear
Bracket Small scratches, dullness
Notices No serial seal

japanese cuiture