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Loewe carp fish anagram logo round fastener long wallet long wallet leather unisex



Product information

Item Number G-210625-33
brand Loewe
type Long wallet
model Round fastener
line Kohara fish anagram logo
shape Long wallet accessories Leather small goods Koi Koi wallet
subject unisex
Color White × Orange
material leather
size W19.2cm x H10.7cmx D2 cm
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Inside: Open Pocket x 2, Card Pocket x 8, Wallet X 2, Fastener Opening Coin Pincher x 1
accessories none
Description of item It is a round zipper wallet designed by a large carp at the front desk. Since the storage capacity is also outstanding, it is fit size, so you can use Daily forever.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Dietary, rubbing
Corner or edge Thin, rubbing, peeled off, cracked into Koba
Inside Small scratch, thin dirt, wrinkles
Bracket Small scratch
Zipper part Thin, peeling

japanese cuiture