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Louis Vuitton M63947 Episparta Opera Shoulder Shoulder Bag Epileser Women



Product information

Item Number G-210625-28
brand Louis Vuitton
type Shoulder
model Sparter opera
line Epi
shape Shoulder bag Square LV class
Model number M63947
subject Women
Color Red
material Epireazer
Serial number MI1910
size W26CM X H22CM X D6.2cm
Handle: 50 cm
Shoulder Language: 84.5cm

The width is measuring the bottom. Height measures aspects. The shoulder part can be adjusted.
specification Opening and closing expression: Turn lock
Inside: zipper pocket x 1
accessories none
Description of item It appeared in 1993 and is a visionary opera line that has disappeared in just a few years. Sem-scarf is an epi grain as a point and creates a unique image. The strap is divided into two from the base and the shoulder mouth is elegantly decorated W strap type.

Product state

Rank Used B rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, rubbing
Handle-Strap Cism, thin dirt, brow
Corner and edge scrub
Inside scrub
Bracket Small scratches, dullness
State comment Shoulder strap crack, bond repair / (no problem without use) There is a crack on the roots.

japanese cuiture