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Louis Vuitton M72412 Monogram Shawl Large Form of Shawl Stall Silk Women



Product information

Item Number G-210610-27
brand Louis Vuitton
type Large format shawl
model Shawl
line Monogram
shape Stall apparel fashion accessories
Model number M72412
Object Women
Call Blue Nuy
Color Navi-
Material Silk / wool
Quality display Silk 60% / 40% wool
size 145 cm x 145 cm

It may be slightly different from the actual size. The fringe part does not contain.
accessories None
Description of item Jacquard Weave Signalum Pattern and Louis Vuitton Paris Signature Classy Classy Easy-to-Classy Item ◎ Long Season Used with soft touch.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Thread
shape Ceased
Notices Surface Flash, Quality Display Tag Yes, Brand Display Tag
State comment There is a fuzz and fluffy in the fringe part.

japanese cuiture