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FENDI Zucca FF Pattern Muffler Wool Unisex



Product information

Item Number E-210804-7
brand Fendi
model Zucca FF pattern
shape Scarf
subject unisex
Color Beige / Dark Brown
material wool
size 29 cm x 175 cm

The actual size may have some errors.
accessories none
Description of item It is a stylish muffler of the eternal Icon motif, which represents FENDI [Fendi]. The FF pattern is bold and has a good design that is full of adult playfulness. It produces the dignity of casual luxury unique to the brand.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Burn, thin dirt
Inside Dirt
Notices Surface fluffy, inner fluffy, quality display tags
State comment There is a place like a trace on some ends. There is a thread on one of the tags.

japanese cuiture