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Hermes Bicolor Picon Lock PM Handbag Tote Bag Tri Y Clemance Women



Product information

Item Number E-210804-1
brand Hermes
type Handbag
model Picon lock PM
line By color
shape tote bag
subject Women
Call Blue Ankle / Blue Electric
Color Blue system / silver bracket
material Taurillon Clemence
Stamp Z
size W18CM X H18CM X D13CM

The width and depth are the bottom, and the height is measuring the central part.
accessories Save box, storage bag, key × 2, cadena
Description of item Hermes [Hermes] A picon series that boasts a great popularity. As the name "Petit Model" is the name "Petit model", it is a PM size of attractive size and easy-to-carry size. A pretty colon form is not attracting a woman.

Product state

Rank Unused NS Rank
Notices Inner fluffy
State comment It is unused item, but there may be minor damage to the exhibition and storage.

japanese cuiture