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Louis Vuitton N41046 Damieran Fini Avenue Backpack Rucks Day Pack Damieran Finileter Men's



Product information

Item Number E-210728-1
brand Louis Vuitton
model Avenue Backpack
line Damieran Fini
shape rucksack
Model number N41046
subject mens
Color Blue / Black X Silver Bracket
material Damierian finigner
Serial number CA0128
size W29CM x H39.5cm x D15.5cm

The width and depth are the bottom, and the height is measuring the central part.
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Outside: zipper pocket x 2
Inside: Open pocket x 3
accessories none
Description of item From Daily Scenes, it is a "Aveenu" backpack that can be used widely to sports scenes. Shiny Damieran Finillata produces an article unique to Louis Vuitton [Louis Vuitton].

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Small scratch, thin dirt, rubbing, wrinkles
Corner or edge scrub
Inside Dirt
Bracket Small scratch

japanese cuiture