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Callaway cocotte cigarette case



Commodity information

Item number E-21071-8
Brand Chanel bag
Type Cigarette case
Model Coco mark
Line Key ring
Shape Cigarette case
Subject Ladies
Color Gold / gold hardware
Material Caviar skin
Size W6.5 cm x h11.5 cm x D2 cm

Mao measures bottom.
Specifications Snap button
Accessories No
Commodity explanation It is a cigarette case with Chanel mark of Chanel. Of course, it is an item that is able to be used for the small container insert, of course.

Commodity condition

Rank B rank
Outside Thin dirt, rub and bond stain
Shape Mold collapse
Inside Glue, rub, dirt, bond stain
Metal fittings Discoloration
Comment status There is bond dyeing in each place.

japanese cuiture