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Christian Dior ord Vintage Trotter Handbag Tote / Leather Womens Tote



Commodity information

Item number E-21071-15
Brand Christian Dior
Type Handbag
Model Trotter
Line Aude Vintage
Shape Leather Tote Bag
Subject Ladies
Color Beige / Navy
Material Canvas / leather
Size W38cm x 22.5 cm x

The width and depth measure bottom, and the height is measuring the center.
Specifications Closure: Fastener
Accessories No
Commodity explanation This is a "Trotter" tote bag full of Dior. An item that is peculiar to the ordo vintage. It is possible to produce the charm of one rank by putting it into fashion by dared.

Commodity condition

Rank B rank
Outside Small tin, dirt, wrinkle, stain
Handle - strap Good luck
Corners and edges Rubbish
Inside Scratch, thin dirt, wrinkle
Metal fittings Small wounds, peeling, and

japanese cuiture