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Louis Vuitton M61873 Epi Jippy Wallet Long Wallet Epireser Unisex



Product information

Item Number E-210721-13
brand Louis Vuitton
model Zippy wallet
line Epi
shape Round zipper wallet
Model number M61873
subject unisex
Call Andigo blue
Color Blue / silver bracket
material Epireazer
Serial number CA4127
size W19CM X H10CMX D2CM
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Inside: Fastener Open Close Coin Pinch x 1, Open Pocket x 2, Card Pocket x 12
accessories storage bags
Description of item It is an epileazer zippy wallet wallet with a fine texture. The opening is also open to accordion conditions and the storage capacity is also an outstanding item.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
outside Dirt
Inside Dirt
Bracket Small scratch

japanese cuiture