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Hermes Schwaru Horse Pattern Bus Supplies Bath Mat Towel Cotton Unisex



Product information

Item Number E-210721-1
brand Hermes
type Bus supplies bus mat
model Svar horse pattern
shape Bath towel beach towel
subject unisex
Color Red system
material cotton
size 90cm x 166 cm
Total length: 166 cm

The actual size may have some errors.
accessories none
Description of item A horsematic motif that is one of the brand icons is a towel of Hermes [Hermes] that produces the height of the formula. It is attractive design with high sense.

Product state

Rank Used AB rank
outside Shira, faded, thread
Inside Thread
smell There is a smell (not strong)
Notices Surface-fluttered, inner haired, quality display tag available, brand display tag

japanese cuiture