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Chanel CC Cocomark Matrasse Horizontal Handbag Tote Bag Caviar Skin Women



Product information

Item Number E-210714-1
brand Chanel
type Horizontal handbag
model Matrasse
line CC Cocomark
shape tote bag
subject Women
Color beige
material Caviar skin
Serial number 998****
size W37 cm x H19.5cm x D11.5cm

The width and depth are the bottom, and the height is measuring the central part.
specification Opening and closing ceremony: fastener
Outside: Open pocket x 1
Inside: zipper pocket x 1
accessories Save bag, serial seal
Description of item It is a tote bag of caviar skin that is attractive to durability. Items that have also fulfilled the convenience and looks at once with the abundance of the storage capacity or more than the appearance. CHANEL [Chanel] Classic "Matrasse" will be more beautiful and beautiful and you will be better.

Product state

Rank Used B rank
outside Small scratch, dirt, wrinkles
Handle-Strap Peeling, cessed, cracked into Koba
Corner or edge Peeled off
Inside Dirty, wrinkles, pen marks, stain
Bracket Small scratch, peeling

japanese cuiture