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CHANEL G34546 CC Cocomark Espadree Flat Shoes Sneakers Tweed Women



Product information

Item Number 30909-19587-5
brand Chanel
type Flat shoes
model Espadry
line CC Cocomark
shape Sneakers Slippon Shoes Shoes
Model number G34546
subject Women
Color Red system
material tweed
size Notation Size: 36
US shoe size: -
JP Shoes Size: 23 cm
Now width: 7.7 cm
Heal height: 2.5 cm
It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories storage bags
Description of item It is a cool Chanel Espadley Flat shoes. Big Coco Mark points ◎ Vivid Red Color is a coordinating one point. Coloring the foot is colorfully.

Product state

Rank Used SA rank
Inside Really rubbing, wrinkles
State comment It has been used, some small scratches and dirt, etc. are new products as new.

japanese cuiture