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Hermes Aloha Shene Dancer Flat Sandals Rubber Women



Product information

Item Number 2447-19623-8
brand Hermes
type flat
model Shene Dancer
line Aloha
shape Sandals apparel ladies shoes
subject Women
Color black
material rubber
size Notation Size: 37
US shoe size: 7
JP Shoes Size: 24 cm
Now width: 9 cm
Heel high: 1.5 cm
It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories Save box, storage bag
Description of item Beach Sandals and City Sandals are also fashionable to your fashionable and will be happy. Since it is a total rubber material, you can easily take care. It is an item that produces a relaxed atmosphere. It will be a product that can be used regardless of generation.

Product state

Rank Unused NS Rank
State comment Outsole has a warp of material.

japanese cuiture