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BALENCIAGA 620750 Bag Logo Over Size G Jean Denim Jacket Denim Women



Product information

Item Number 18074-19650-3
brand Valenciaga
type G jean
model Over size
line Bag logo
shape Denim jacket outerwear
Model number 620750
subject Women
Color Denim blue
material denim
size Notation Size: 36

Shoulder width: 59 cm
Length: 67.5 cm
Width: 70.5 cm
Length: 86.5 cm
Sleeve length: 64 cm
It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories none
Description of item A large bag logo is an impressive Valencia Gurner Denim logo jacket. Pretty Over Size コ ー デ ィ ネ ー ト Coordance is your one point.

Product state

Rank Unused NS Rank
Bracket Small scratch
State comment There is no noticeable dirt and damage, but it will be a product with a sense of use.

japanese cuiture