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BALENCIAGA logo Damage processing T-shirt dress dress dress cotton ladies



Product information

Item Number 18074-19599
brand Valenciaga
type dress
model T-shirt
line Logo Damage Processing
shape One Piece Casual Lace Slit
subject Women
Color black
material Cotton / polyester
size Notation Size: S

General length: 110 cm
Shoulder width: 45.5 cm
Length: 63.5cm
Width: 51 cm
Length: 37 cm
Sleeve length: 21.7 cm
It may be slightly different from the actual size.
accessories none
Description of item Valenciaga's logo T-shirt is a dress dress docked by a race skirt. It is perfect for a little trip.

Product state

Rank Used A rank
State comment There is no noticeable dirt and damage, but it will be a product with a sense of use.

japanese cuiture